by Lost on Purpose

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released October 12, 2005



all rights reserved


Lost on Purpose Tokyo, Japan

I live in Japan. I used to live in Los Angeles. I like ramen and ice cream. I write music, check it out. I sound like Beethoven conducted by Beethoven the St. Bernard.

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Track Name: London
A coded message in painted art
A busy design is music for my heart
I play the piano to keep me sane
It’s better than anything I majored in
My parents paid my way through school
I still don’t know what I want to do
I follow my heart but I still need money
I play my guitar cause I hate being so poor

Believe it not sometimes I want to quit
But going back to school feels just like giving in
Five years from now where will I be
I don’t know and that’s the only thing I believe in
Well sooner or later I’ll be across the sea
A mountain alp mentality
Sooner or later I’ll be in Bern
A heart fix fever for which I yearn

It’s the only place I know
Upon this earth that goes around
If you hold me baby you can see
Off at once for London’s scene

I moved away out to the west
I keep on moving or I’ll end up where I left
A year goes by and I’ve moved twice
If I don’t write songs a little part of me dies
You can’t go back and relive your life
If you focus on goals what happens when they’re realized
You can’t go back to times and places
Once you’re gone they replace all the faces
Track Name: Ohio 2
Coax a song out of nothing
If you want to end with something
If you’re leaving, where you going, can I come?
If your body can’t recover put your coke up in the cupboard
Just another plan you’ve already shot down
Don’t be late, call the doctor
We’ve already dealt with all the
Hate and fear and pain and love and sweat and blood and tears and age and death
So don’t count me out
No don’t count me out

Well here we go one more time
I want to kiss you in the snow
Where all the colors in the world will be so bright
So leave me if you wanna
But I know you’re never gonna
Cause you want a fairy tale in your life
There is love all around in my parents’ parents’ home
So before it’s too late please go there with me
There is love in the places where you’ll find my family’s faces
Back home in Ohio

Track Name: Lonely Road
It’s just a lonely road
It’s just a lonely road

Oh, it’s just a lonely road

Don’t get too close to me
I’m not gonna set you free
Forget your best laid plans
That’s all I am

Sit down and plan your life
I’m gonna kiss both of your eyes
Could this be any more less true

Are you?
Are you?

You’ve got ability
A catatonic esp
I’ve got ideas that could lead us through

Give up and don’t look back
You can’t dwell upon the past
It’s time to square your shoulders man

It’s just a lonely road
It’s just a lonely road
Track Name: Thank You Music Guru
Thank you music guru
Thank you music guru
What are you gonna do?
Now that I’ve found you

I found you in the color blue
Save me from the mainstream
Thank you music guru
Thank you music guru
Track Name: Ophelia
You are my Ophelia
Impressive in stone
You burn with a passion
Yet I can’t leave you alone
You question my motives
Your skepticism’s cool
I’ll forgive all your questions
Cause I know what you’ve been through

You are my Ophelia
Enraged by what you see
I knew I’d always love you
When your lips first brushed my cheek
Suppress the hidden anger
Obsess all over those
Who occupy your feelings
And who possess all you know

You are my Ophelia
Track Name: Centum Cellas
Girls are the only thing that I can’t live without
Girls are the pieces of the puzzles that I dropped
I can’t complete the border and my hair is coming out
Piled up beside me like brown haystacks in the Fall
Brown haystacks in the Fall

Been looking for days for weeks and months and years at least
Everywhere I went I looked for my whole life back East
I can’t control the future and I know my past is past
Cut in stone and overgrown with unknown desert plants
With unknown desert plants

I learned that art is life but fear’s superior to both
And so I try to write though my heart feels like a ghost
You’d think I’d have it right by now you’d think I’d have a clue
A girl a song they’re both the same so I love both of you
So I love both of you

Yeah yeah
Track Name: Black Widow Falls
Black widow falls in my life today
I don’t know where I’m going but I think I’ll be ok
Black widow falls on my shoulder now
I’ll hold on to your memory, I’ll hold on somehow

Black widow falls and looks you in the eye
You’ve known about this moment but you still can’t bear to try
Black widow falls in my life today
Hold me close and don’t let go cause you’re what keeps me sane

Don’t you know that’s as far as you go

Black widow falls far too close for now
Soon you’ll be a part of me, I’ll carry you around
Black widow falls right in front of my face
I’ll keep right on moving yeah you can’t keep me away

Black widow falls and bites you on your arm
Feel the pressure building as your blood pumps through your heart
Black widow falls that red and black mean death
So hold on to your family like holding a deep breath

Don’t you know that’s as far as you go