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In the Fall of 2010 I traveled around Asia for two and a half months. This album cover is a picture I took of a 1970's photograph in the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. You can read about it here:

I've never seen a face so devoid of fear, even though he was killed not long after the photo was taken.



released June 23, 2011

Will VanderWyden :: vocals, guitars, drums, etc.
Jacquelyn Thropay :: vocals, keyboards



all rights reserved


Lost on Purpose Tokyo, Japan

I live in Japan. I used to live in Los Angeles. I like ramen and ice cream. I write music, check it out. I sound like Beethoven conducted by Beethoven the St. Bernard.

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Track Name: Nowhere Hard Enough
i put on all my armor
bid farewell to my loves
give penance at the altar
and i ride off for the war

the skies are low and cloudy
the grass is mud and clay
i'm a knight in shining armor
with a rusted iron blade

i've killed a dozen farmers
i've murdered joan of arc
i pillaged their cathedrals
to soothe my aching heart

my horse's hair is matted
caked in dust and blood
i push him even harder
but nowhere hard enough

cause i need you in the window
i need you in the snow
your wait is never ending
much like my sorrow

i've killed a dozen farmers
i've murdered joan of arc
i pillaged their cathedrals
to soothe my aching heart

i burned down all their towers
i drank up all their wine
took pleasure in their torment
so i could feel alive

sun is low on my shoulder
as we ride on to the west
only one man left to die
til i complete my quest
with your name on my breath
and my horse can finally rest
Track Name: No Self Destruction
all your eggs are scattered wide
in tattered baskets all fit to fry
you're spinning webs and casting lines
a call for help, lord of the flies

so you bend until you break
no place to tie yourself to fate
there's a dead spider in my bed
no self destruction, no self destruction
Track Name: Costa Rica
see the mountain capped in clouds
i grab my camera and scream out loud
there's three back home all safe and sound asleep

there's a county on my shirt
two girls appear all caked in dirt
can't decide to always smile or shoot myself

ten days remind me of
the fact life's better without love
the faces fade into the scenery

back and forth the trees below
cheating death on a golden rope
the only thing on my mind
Track Name: Villages
i've seen houses in my dreams
villages beneath the leaves
see now somehow you are mine
all my thoughts and all my fears
throw it all away and forget you were ever here
but i believe the ____ belongs to me
somehow you are mine
Track Name: No More Pressure
i don't want a girl like me
i left them all behind back east
i want brown eyes and colored skin
i want my heart to beat within
i turn my back on where i'm from
i breathe new air into my lungs
no snow to melt our hopes and fears
no icicles to freeze our tears

one am we hear a sound
safe in bed we dream of clouds
i see in you a piece of me
or what i could have been at least
no sense at all no lesson learned
just pictures in your memory burned
you and me will never die
i swore to the ueno night
Track Name: The Puzzle Border
this is a piece of the puzzle border
a frozen lake in minnesota
second guess everything you told her
an old motel off the beach in florida
burn your eyes with a four leaf clover
i want to be a better lover
the box you bought in the czech republic
impossible to be a mother

turn your heart into an iron
steam away the babies crying
calm as a policeman's gun
who thinks he left the safety on
believing all the things i've done
the eighteen year old me would blush
turn tail and hide in a white girl's arms
i'm not afraid of being wrong

lose yourself in other's arms
keep the ones you know best far
kill a fly til blood runs cold
raise your glasses to kyoto
utter silence on the mountain
broken by tornado sirens
leeching through the can tho shade
born to lead the dead parade
Track Name: Dubrovnik
you see my silhouette on the bridge
black and breaking your fall

stubborn on how you outta live
holding on to what's wrong

she's tapping on the glass
say yes say yes say yes

you see my silhouette on the bridge
black and breaking your fall

an ocean away
Track Name: Sails
it's been a long, long time
since you've been alive
and i can't complain
cause everything's the same

i don't care anymore
for all the plans we have in store
there's a time to forget
but not forgive, not yet

another time another place
another love another face
another time another place

and i am waiting for you to be
until the ships have sailed off safely
and i have given up

i think i'm getting old
i'm scared to be alone
all the time in the world
all my love for a girl

so i lied, you're a friend
better now than then

and i am waiting for you to be
until the ships have sailed off safely
and i have given up