The Ultraviolet Effect

by Lost on Purpose

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released August 3, 2004



all rights reserved


Lost on Purpose Tokyo, Japan

I live in Japan. I used to live in Los Angeles. I like ramen and ice cream. I write music, check it out. I sound like Beethoven conducted by Beethoven the St. Bernard.

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Track Name: Better Off Dead
Better off
Better off dead
Look like a summer rose on your head
Lessons are learning
This isn’t fun
Learning of love from cupid’s gun
Ramada’s on the other side of the road from the ocean
And I sunburned my head as clear as the water on Tuesday
Learn to drown my thoughts in bottles of bubbles
Another prism of colors all lost inside of each other

Never thought, never thought I’d want it
Never thought, never thought, never thought I’d need it
Lean on in and kiss me soft and sweet as warm rice krispies
And cider

Your body’s in the place where I remember it best
You’re lying on top of my bed
It’s all a dream in my head

Brown haired blonde you must be dumber than dumber
You went and threw out our summer
My mind’s still stuck in the gutter

Don’t remember me with my face lost in the leaves
As they fell down from the trees
And we had dirt on our knees

Remember us as a life lesson in love
More than just messing around
A love that lessened with us

Less is more but more is less than before
As your eyes cast down to the floor
Yeah come on let’s go, let’s go

Certain things remind me of when you were better
Like last night’s pain and your pleasure
I miss the day that I met her
Track Name: Right On
Right on…
Right on…

You said you loved him, oh, you said you loved him
But giving up and giving in is all that you’ve been practicing
You called your brother, yeah, you called your brother
A shoulder on the phone to tell you nothing never happened
They’re different problems, oh, there’s nothing different at all
At all, ah you never wanted to grow up
You love your problems, yeah, you heard me say it
So give up, so give in, it’s your life you’re living

So take a chance if your body says you’re wrong

Right on…
Right on…

What just happened? What the hell just happened?
I leaned in just to tell you that your lips were looking lonely
And now I’m driving, laughing as I’m riding
I can’t believe you told me that you think it’s time to call it a night
Well I don’t know why you got us alone and now I’m driving home to call you on the telephone
My mouth is raw from singing this song so long, so long, so long it’s all over now

So take a chance if your body says you’re wrong
Track Name: Seasons
You’re like summer
Without the sun
You feel good but you’re never any fun

You’re like the water
With your evaporation
You love a guy but then you start to hate him

You’re crying so hard
You can barely talk
I’m crying too but you’re too sad to know it

You’re like the winter
Without the snow
I’m all alone and there’s nowhere else to go

You’re like the autumn
Without the leaves
Things are changing but I can’t change my feelings

You dry your eyes
You’re a desert of emotion
I want to follow but don’t know where you’re going

This lesson’s too hard
I can’t stand it
I need to leave this is way too demanding

You’re like the springtime
Without the love
I can’t stand you cause you’re such a fucking drug

I rub my eyes cause I know I must be dreaming
You’re like an angel with two halos for your earrings
You turn your back, you’re pretending to ignore us
If I forget you no one’s gonna notice

You are the fever that’s been causing me to ache
You are the dream that’s been keeping me awake
You light the fire, your laughter in my head
The season’s change but the past is all we have
Track Name: One, Two, Three, Four
One for the best time I ever have lived
One for the new life that’s starting to slip
One for the person who brought me to this
One for the lost girl who’s listening in bliss

Two for the sunrise in the ocean, in the sky
Two for the heartache that’s been with me my whole life
Two for Apollo, his promise of light
Two for Athena, I don’t think I’ll survive

Three for a secret you keep in your mind
Three for the answer if you let me inside
Three for the bottle and the strength it provides
Three for a bright day to wash away your lies

Four for the canyon, we share a perfect view
Four for the morning, a chance to start anew
Four for a suicide that didn’t follow through
Four for your smile, a hand to help me choose
Track Name: A.Y.E.
Last goodbyes
Fight back tears

Light as air
Hide your fears

Red wine
Garden spiders’ eyes

Dark skies
Last goodbyes
Why’d you hurt me so

Dark lies
Faces disguised
Poison lips on mine

Lost lives
Drunk all the time
Why’d you hurt me so

Inside you’re right